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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CM Dashboard?

The CM Dashboard portal offers a platform for virtually real-time monitoring of numerous KPIs for State Departments' schemes, initiatives, and other activity using analytical dashboards. It serves as a monitoring tool and a decision support system for the Chief Minister, Heads of Department, and Officers of all State Departments with just a single click. These dashboards offer the ability to drill down to the Block and Village levels, making it possible to check the ground reality through the dashboards.

Can I access the dashboard from a mobile device or tablet?

Of course, computers, mobile devices, and tablets can all be used to view dashboards.

Where does the dashboard data come from?

The data is sourced from numerous databases, Excel sheets, APIs, and other daily updated sources. Dashboard data is released and maintained by the respective Departments

Can I drill into data on the dashboard to see details?

Yes, the dig down functionality on the dashboard always allows you to view comprehensive data.

What does the CM dashboard display?

For planning, monitoring, and evaluation purposes, CM Dashboard enables the presentation of almost all real-time data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of chosen schemes/projects to the HODs/Officers of State Departments and District Administration. It serves as a system for the State Government's decision-making and offers a platform for tracking numerous programmes and initiatives on a single window.

Is there a preferred browser for viewing the CM dashboard?

Almost all common internet browsers allow you to view the CM dashboard.

The dashboard contains inaccurate statistics. How can I get help?

Contact Department Admin of the respective Department.

How frequently should data be updated?

Data on the CM Dashboard is updated on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. basis depending on the frequency of data availability for a certain project or schedule.